About The Dubnoff Center for Child Development

Their Mission

The Dubnoff Center for Child Development nurtures the potential in each child with developmental, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges. The Center specializes in providing integrated educational, clinical and vocational services so that these children and their families can lead more productive lives.

Their Vision

- Each child’s unique situation, needs and goals are paramount.
- They instill self-respect, self reliance and pride in every child.
- They support the family so that each child succeeds in school and in the community.
- Their staff is professional, dedicated and comp assionate.


Established in 1948 as a private school for elementary age children with special learning and developmental needs, Dubnoff Center pioneered the development of educational programs and curricula to enable the child with atypical development to learn and develop as normally as possible within a personalized, structured and therapeutic learning environment.

From its humble beginnings as a private
special school for young children on the west side of Los Angeles, grew the current concept of a comprehensive community service setting, integrating special education with clinical treatment and residential care, vocational training and related support services.

The first classroom was fashioned in
the bedroom of founder Belle Dubnoff's home. Belle's student population numbered three. No curriculum materials were available, so the determined special
education pioneer created special materials for each child. As her staff and expertise increased, Dubnoff Center's curriculum materials grew in demand, and became available in workbooks, filmstrips and films. They were then distributed throughout the world.

Belle's outreach continued. Dubnoff was home to one of the first preschool early intervention programs for children birth to five, considered to be at high risk. To accommodate its growing population, the school moved from site to site, finally settling at its current North Hollywood location in 1962. At that time, the student population at 10526 Victory Place consisted of children from birth to 15 years old.

At their 40th Anniversary Celebration in 1988, the City of Los Angeles honored the Center by renaming Victory Place as Dubnoff Way. And so it remains to this day.

In 1977, the Dubnoff Center expanded its services yet again to establish residential model group homes. The initial home was the Clybourn Home, which served six adolescent boys as an alternative to placement in large institutions. Dubnoff currently operates two group homes, serving 12 adolescent boys through the Department of Social Services and the Department of Mental Health.

At the Center's Day School, interventions are provided annually to more than 200 children ages 5 through 22 by skilled caring professionals, responsible to meet the present and emerging needs of special needs children and their families residing in Los Angeles and throughout the state. The Child Care Center, started in the early 1970s, today prepares 26 children for successful entry into English-speaking kindergarten classrooms.

Today, Dubnoff Center is recognized as a unique full service educational and clinical agency, committed to seriously challenged children and youth, and their families for whom there are no other appropriate programs. Since 1948, more than 6,000 families have benefited from Belle Dubnoff's vision, which continues to reach the hearts and
minds of special needs children and their families.

Dubnoff Center takes pride in being a place where each year more than 200 children with enduring life challenges can achieve their potential for personal accomplishment.